Ink Mixing

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RIT is HP Inc.’s fulfillment partner for ink and custom-color orders for use on HP Indigo digital printing presses.


  • All Pantone and custom-color orders must be placed through HP’s My HP Indigo web portal. RIT cannot accept orders directly.
  • HP-approved orders are sent to RIT for fulfillment and then shipped directly to the customer.
  • HP has created a calculator to estimate the amount of ink to order.
  • For assistance placing an order or questions about price or billing, contact HP Indigo Supplies Order Management at or call (800)-204-6344.

PANTONE Formulations

  • Formulations for standard Pantone orders are completed on defined control stocks for glossy-coated, matte-coated, and uncoated grades.
  • Formulations are generally considered complete when
    • the results printed from the press fall within 1ΔE 2000 (2°, D50) from the obtainable targets defined by HP IMS software, based on the current, printed Pantone standard-color library. In most cases, the results in a color where ΔE, as well as individual Δs, for L*, a*, & b* are also less than one; and
    • when conditions within the HP Indigo press fall within an acceptable operating window for (1) density within the ink tank, (2) conductivity within the ink tank, and (3) relative bid voltage (RBV) of the bid unit for which the ink is installed.

Custom Formulations

  • A formulation is treated as a custom color when it exhibits one or both of the following conditions:
    • The target color is not within the standard Pantone library.
    • The target printing condition requires the match to be completed on a specific substrate, especially in cases where the substrate’s color or surface may influence the color match.
  • For a custom color match on a special substrate, customers are required to supply a minimum of 200 sheets measuring 12 by 18 inches (preferred). If the match can be performed on standard, in-house stock at RIT, no additional paper is required.
  • To facilitate a color match, customers must provide a printed swatch, preferably with measurement conditions for color accuracy. RIT uses D50 lighting, two-degree observer angle, and Delta E2000 when no measurement conditions are provided.
  • The sample match is mailed to the customer for approval.
  • Upon customer approval, HP issues a special part number for future orders of the ink.


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