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PMAL Facilities and Capabilities

The Print Materials Analysis Lab housed within the Printing Applications Laboratory was established as a full-service, objective 3rd party, analytical test lab for the development, evaluation, and application of cost-effective, innovative technologies in service of the Printing and Imaging Industries. PMAL transfers the benefits of ongoing research and development to its clients through the examination and study of printed image quality, media physical properties, cartridge yield studies, and print consumable testing to relative industry standards.
  • Tappi standard condition testing environment(T402) supporting industry and PAL initiatives with practical measurable information.
  • ASTM, ANSI, ISO, CGATS ISTA, TAPPI, DIN, and customized evaluations including ASTM F1856, ISO 19752, ISO 19798, and ISO 24711.
  • Over 50 types of relative industry testing equipment, and have performed evaluations on over 500 desktop print devices. 
  • Environmental chambers; Xenon ARC UV & Cool White , Temperature, Humidity, Altitude.
  • Inkjet, Toner, and Media chemical & physical properties.
  • Small Office & Home Office cartridge test capabilities, remanufacturing, yield
  • Over 55 years of combined experience in imaging quality measurement and substrate analysis.
  • Analytical in-depth reporting of evaluation results.
  • Benchmarking and Competitive performance Evaluation .

Printed Image Evaluation

  • Print Quality Artifact Identification & Examination
  • Image Permanence & Sustainability Performance
  • Color Measurement & Gamut Analysis
  • System Property & Output Optimization

Media Property Evaluation

  • Evaluation vs. relevant Pulp and Paper Standards
  • Testing for Compatibility Qualification Programs
  • Objective reporting of media properties based on customer defined parameters
  • Sustainability and alternative fiber testing

Cartridge Evaluation

  • Component & Life-Cycle Analysis
  • Cost & Page Yield Analysis
  • Remanufactured vs OEM comparisons
  • Component Recovery and Reuse evaluation  

Ink & Toner Evaluation

  • Cost & Page Yield Analysis
  • Physical & Chemical Properties
  • 3rd Party vs. OEM comparisons
  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly Initiative Testing

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