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Your RIT Computer Account enables access to RIT's campus wireless network, E-mail and Calendars, Human Resources and Student Information Systems, and many, many more services.

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  • All RIT Students, Faculty and Staff are entitled to an RIT Computer Account. You can access most of the services as soon as your RIT Computer Account is created. Some services may take up to 24 hours to be available.
  • RIT Computer Accounts may be required for outside parties to access certain RIT Information Technology services and resources. A formal request must be submitted to ITS to provide RIT Computer Account access for Business, Vendor, or Other account types.


RIT Computer Accounts for new/transfer students are created once the entire tuition is deposited. Students that are returning to RIT or are non-matriculated are issued an account when they provide a proof of registration for current or next semester. Further, visiting scholars are issued an account for the duration of their visit upon request. 

Students who are not registered for classes, co-op or thesis in the current or two previous semesters will have their account disabled at the end of the current add drop period. Proof of current registration is required to retain the active status of your computer account. Active status of a student is defined in the RIT Educational Policy and Procedure Manual.

Faculty and staff accounts are intended specifically for those who are employed by RIT (including adjuncts and part-time staff). RIT's Human Resources office is the authoritative source for who is entitled to get a faculty or staff account.

A student account will automatically transition to an alumni account within a few weeks of graduation.

An RIT employee who has retired or is retiring from RIT and is eligible for retiree benefits is entitled to a RIT account.

There may be other, special cases where an RIT account is warranted for individuals who need access to RIT services for academic or business purposes, but are not otherwise eligible to get an account. Examples include vendors, visiting scholars, staff hired through a temp agency, etc.

Please contact the RIT Service Center for more information.


  • A university ID number is required for faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and staff are assigned a university ID number upon hire. Students are assigned their university ID number upon acceptance to RIT.
  • Sponsored accounts must be initiated by a faculty or staff member.

Data Security

You must follow Acceptable Use of RIT Computer and Network Resources. RIT Computer Accounts and the files stored in those accounts are the property of RIT. ITS and other departments with which accounts are associated have the right to review and delete accounts and their contents. Your account is valid if you are currently registered as an RIT student or currently employed as an RIT faculty or staff member.

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