Software & Business Applications

Free and for-purchase software is available to RIT faculty, staff, and students under specially negotiated licenses. Web-based offering sites allow students and authorized employees to review, order, and manage IT subscriptions and services. In some cases, software products are implemented and managed centrally on behalf of departments.


Minitab is statistical software.  Several departments are sharing a campus license for Minitab and Minitab Express for use on RIT-owned computers.  Both are also available to all current students and faculty on their personal computer, for academic purposes.

Microsoft Licensing Agreement

RIT has secured a licensing agreement with Microsoft to provide faculty and staff with access to the most commonly used Microsoft software and operating systems for their work computers. This agreement covers desktop and laptop computers only and does not include server software. Additionally, all faculty, staff, and current RIT students have access to Office 365, which provides online access to popular Office applications.

See: Office 365 at RIT (Licensing)

Software for Personal Computers

Faculty, staff, and students can access a variety of software through specially negotiated licenses. These licenses cover both free and paid options with the ability for students and authorized employees to review, order, and manage IT subscriptions and services through web-based offering sites. In some cases, software is centrally implemented and managed for specific departments.

Questions about other software packages or licenses?

Contact the RIT Service Center for assistance. Our knowledgeable support specialists can answer your questions, fulfill your requests, or help you find the answers you need.