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ITS is here to help you understand the creation, retention, access to disabled accounts and some tips to help you maintain your computer accounts. The information here is classified under sections like students/ learner, employees, and visitors/others. Read further to understand the purpose and uses of your computer accounts.  



RIT computer accounts for new/transfer students are created once the entire tuition is deposited. Students that are returning to RIT or are non-matriculated are issued an account when they provide a proof of registration for current or next semester. Further, visiting scholars are issued an account for the duration of their visit upon request.

Students who are not registered for classes, coop or thesis in the current or two previous semesters will have their account disabled at the end of the current add-drop period. Proof of current registration is required to retain the active status of your computer account. Active status of a student is defined in the RIT Educational Policy and Procedure Manual.

Club, fraternity, sorority, and other student group accounts are created at the request of the Student Affairs division.

For student employees or coop students the hiring department requests for opening an account. Once the student employee takes charge in the hired position, access to computer and network resources associated within that position is granted to the student employee account (and not to the student account).



Faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and temporary staff accounts are ready for activation within 12 hours of Human Resources processing the appointment or hiring information. Upon leaving the college, the Human Resource department would indicate the same in their records which would lead to disabling the faculty or staff’s account.

  • Those eligible to retire with RIT benefits will have their accounts automatically transitioned upon their retirement date provided the information has been submitted to HR.



The creation of accounts for other purposes is limited. License and resource considerations influence the decision to support the creation of other accounts not clearly defined as a student, faculty/staff, business or visitor account. A request for an account for another purpose is made to the RIT Service Center. The request must include a description of how the account relates to the business of RIT, an RIT faculty/staff sponsor, and an expiration date of one year or less.

  • A vendor or contract account is created at the request of a department.

  • A visitor’s account including visiting scholar is created with an expiration date.


Disabled accounts

Every other account associated with RIT is subject to a 1-year renewal. Accounts that are expired or are not renewed will be disabled. In addition, an account that is inactive for a period of time 6 months and more is subject to discretionary disabling. If an account is disabled, it will be retained for 6 months, but after that period it will be deleted.


Access to Disabled Account

Access to an account that is disabled but not deleted is limited to 6 months from the date of the account being disabled. After 6 months, the account is backed up and then deleted. Access to a disabled or deleted account is restricted. The Vice President of Student Affairs must approve access to a student account. The Provost approves access to faculty, course, and adjunct faculty accounts. Access to a staff account requires Human Resources approval. Access to department, student employee, student group, and other accounts is by permission of the sponsoring department. Access in all cases is subject to oversight and a limited timeframe.




How do I manage my RIT Computer Account? is where you can manage your online identity, passwords, preferences, ID photos and more...

How do I change my RIT Computer Account password?

Go to "Change Password" at This page also includes information on how to change & sync other passwords including your password for Oracle Self-Service.

NOTE: Before you change your password, review this information on how to synchronize or updated your password across Mobile Devices, Tablets or ITS Managed Computers.

How do I keep my account secure?

Change your password often to protect your computer account and the files or assignments you store on it. Try to memorize your password instead of writing it down. Don't store your password inside an electronic file or other location that is accessible to other people. If you forget your password, contact ITS  to have a new password generated for you.

What policies do I need to follow regarding my RIT Computer Accounts?

You must follow RIT's Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use. RIT Computer Accounts and the files stored in those accounts are the property of RIT. ITS and other departments with which accounts are associated have the right to review and delete accounts and their contents. Your account is valid if you are currently registered as an RIT student or currently employed as an RIT faculty or staff member.

I'm a Student. After I graduate, what happens to my RIT Computer Account?

After graduation, you will receive an email alerting you that your RIT computer account will change from a Student account to an Alumni account. Your username and password will remain the same. Alumni accounts, however, do not have access to, and some other campus services. Additionally, the Alumni accounts must be renewed annually (but before it expires an email alert will be sent with directions on how to renew the account).

How do I request an RIT Computer Account?

First, review the information on RIT Computer Account Creation. Then, please complete an RIT Computer Account Request Form and submit it to ITS. Once we receive your request and create a ticket, you will receive notification on how to proceed further.



Changing Your RIT Computer Account Password

You can change your RIT Computer Account password by going to



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