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MAGIC Spell Studios is the entrepreneurial and commercial heart of MAGIC at RIT. Encompassing a fully functional film sound stage, sound mix and color correction post-production studios, a 4K Dolby Atmos theater, and several working media laboratories, MAGIC Spell Studios is ready and available to work with you on your next project. And with student and faculty talent in all aspects of media production and design, we also can provide a capable workforce to get your jobs done. Browse below to see all the possibilities for collaboration with us. 

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Empire State Development-designated Digital Game Hubs

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Sound Stage

World-class facilities, including: 7,000-square-foot sound stage and post-production sound mixing and color correction facility suites for both educational and commercial productions

MAGIC Center sound stage and auditorium

Use our spaces

MAGIC Spell Studios expands the capacity of RIT’s School of Film and Animation while supporting research and entrepreneurial activities in western New York. Part of our mission includes making this state-of-the-art facility available for industry and commercial use, adding MAGIC to the growing list of production resources available in the Rochester region. Our specialty spaces rival those found in NYC and LA, supporting the economic growth of the already thriving local film community, while simultaneously giving our students a one-of-a-kind education. And best of all, these same well-trained students could serve as a convenient and professional resource for commercial productions, providing a capable talent pool where needed.

Facilities, equipment and lease availability

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Set up shop with us

The collaborative partner suite is a truly unique part of MAGIC that provides low or no-cost access to workspaces, hardware, and software in exchange for employment and research partnerships on campus. Existing companies can benefit from a direct connection to an emerging creative workforce of current RIT students and alumni.

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Commission a student team

RIT students and faculty in MAGIC regularly work with outside organizations and companies on collaborative research projects to solve design challenges and produce original commissioned work in games, media, and interactive experiences. Connect with us to find out how to sponsor innovative and creative students to work with you on your ideas.

MAGIC Spell Studios can also assemble a proficient and capable team of students to perform contracted design services for you as part of our larger mission to provide experiential learning opportunities and employment for our students. All administrative and hiring processes are also coordinated by the university in service to agreed upon contractual terms. Flexibility with intellectual property is also afforded so that you can deploy the results of contracted teams quickly and easily.

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Research with us

World-class faculty from various departments and colleges across the university affiliate with MAGIC in support of their scholarly and creative work. The center provides resources, administration, and infrastructure to support such work, and, most importantly, to establish and maintain a culture of multi-disciplinary inclusion and sustained inquiry. As a designated RIT research Center of Excellence, MAGIC is home to several funded research projects and hosts faculty affiliates from multiple schools and departments. These projects span public sponsored research grants to commissioned corporate projects.

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