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The RIT MAGIC Center is a university-wide research center with a multi-disciplinary entrepreneurial approach to digital media research and production.  With a focus on Media, Arts, Games, Interaction, and Creativity, MAGIC blurs the lines between art and technology.

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Research highlight: we are blurring the lines between film and games with virtual production

Virtual production is the current revolution in film and media production, representing the deployment of extensive computer-generated graphics, 3D art, motion capture, in-camera visual effects, and real-time rendering via game engines. With partners and alumni from Epic Games to The Third Floor and most of the major Hollywood studios pioneering these technologies, RIT is building a full research and learning ecosystem around these emerging workflows.

Camera man capturing a shot of someone on a stationary motorcycle with a virtual background



world-class curriculum from design, film, animation, and game development


cutting-edge technology, new solutions and the convergence of digital media disciplines


resident student teams, creating and publishing new media experiences


entrepreneurial minds, starting their own studios and founding new businesses

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Sound Stage

World-class facilities, including: 7,000-square-foot sound stage and post-production sound mixing and color correction facility suites for both educational and commercial productions

Magic tour

Virtual Tour

Step inside our 52,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility devoted to digital media research and production.

Latest News

  • November 28, 2022

    film director standing in front of a World War two era warplane.

    Alumna uses film to teach diversity

    Tina Cannaday Chapman DaCosta ’04 MS, ’14 MFA is using her parents’ life stories to teach important lessons about diversity, equity, and inclusion. In fall 2022, the director of RIT’s Diversity Theater program released Dear Eleanor, her second short film based on her parents’ lives.

  • November 14, 2022

    a tiger video game character jumping onto a hoverboard.

    Vote now for RIT’s tiger courier for 'Dota 2' game

    RIT is vying to be the first university to develop and have a game character accepted into the wildly popular online game Dota 2. The character, or courier, in the form of a tiger, was developed in MAGIC Spell Studios by a team of former RIT students and a faculty adviser.

  • November 14, 2022

    A 2D animation of a boy looking in a bucket next to a body of water.

    MFA student's films a big draw at festivals

    Diane Lee ’24 MFA (film and animation) — who goes by the artist name Diane Catsburrow Linnet — has found comfort at RIT meshing her abilities as a creative writer, storyteller and artist.

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