Research Initiatives

Faculty from across the university are invited to affiliate with the Center as is relevant to their scholarly and creative work and background. The Center provides resources, administrative support, and infrastructure to encourage this work, and, most importantly, to establish and maintain a culture of multi-disciplinary inclusion and sustained inquiry. Our goal is to provide a shared space for collaboration, construction, and discourse that enables and extends faculty research in the expanding and converging fields related to digital media. 

Stephen Jacobs

As a faculty member who works across disciplines in games, interactive media, digital humanities and Open Source software, I am thrilled to be an affiliate with the RIT MAGIC Center. MAGIC has been the perfect research home for these projects. I have the opportunity to brainstorm with like-minded faculty peers, work with a wildly talented base of students and enjoy incredible support from a high skilled set of staff.

Affiliate Faculty

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Sponsored Research resources and services

RIT offers several services to assist faculty and staff in their research endeavors, including identifying funding opportunities, coordinating advanced technology resources, managing RIT’s intellectual property portfolio, and more.

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A kalidescope of colors in a dark room

Frameless Labs

Frameless Labs serves to bring attention to all research, innovation, and artistic creation in the fields of virtual and augmented reality at RIT. By providing symposia and an online space for the community of VR/AR makers at RIT to collaborate, Frameless Labs supports the growth of existing ventures and the inspiration of new projects and technology. Frameless Labs also serves to connect RIT ideas to the greater outside community of VR and AR thought leaders.