Sound Stage

World-class facilities, including: 7,000-square-foot sound stage and post-production sound mixing and color correction facility suites for both educational and commercial productions. MAGIC Spell Studios is ready and available to work with you on your next project. With student and faculty talent in all aspects of media production and design, we also can provide a capable workforce to get your jobs done. Let’s make magic together.  

Producer’s Handbook

Equipment Rate Card

Post Production Rate Card

Studio Rate Card

Sound Stage Blueprint (for planning your production)



Interested in booking our sound stage?

Contact Amanda Hughes for availability and rates.


The facilities in MAGIC Spell Studios are also available for faculty, staff, and students to use in commercial activities outside of their official roles on campus. By supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of our film students, designers, and game developers, MAGIC offers them a solid stepping stone to build their independent businesses and studios.

While some common spaces are made available without restriction for qualifying projects, professional studio spaces and equipment can be accessed for an associated fee. Further, all students and faculty are able to offer their freelance services to external productions using the MAGIC facilities, so long as contractual obligations between the production and RIT are adhered to and conflicts of interest and commitment are carefully considered. Contact Amanda Hughes to learn more.