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The RIT Semiconductor Nanofabrication Laboratory, formerly known as the Semiconductor and Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory (SMFL), enables discovery and innovation in research and education to drive economic development.


The RIT Semiconductor Nanofabrication Lab supports academic and industrial research communities by providing services, training, and access to research facilities for nano and microscale fabrication and characterization. Areas of research supported include microelectronics, integrated photonics, nanotechnology, MEMS, electronic materials, and biomedical devices. Explore Areas of Research


The RIT Semiconductor Nanofabrication Lab supports RIT’s education mission by hosting lab classes for the Department of Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering and providing group and individual training for undergraduate and graduate students. The lab also hosts K-12 outreach and professional workshops.

Economic Development

The RIT Semiconductor Nanofabrication Lab provides competitive fee-based services and access to the user facilities and workforce training to support economic development in the region.

External Customers  RIT Faculty and Students

The RIT Semiconductor Nanofabrication Laboratory is managed by the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and is located in Engineering Hall on RIT’s campus in Rochester, New York.