Tool Set

The RIT Semiconductor Nanofabrication Lab has a complete equipment set for 150mm CMOS processing located in 10,000 sq ft of Class 1000/ISO 6 cleanroom with a bay and chase configuration.  An additional Class 100/10 laboratory, an MOCVD Growth Lab and a variety of test characterization equipment round out the facility's research capabilities.

The lab has tools and capabilities in the following areas:

Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Tystar Nitride and Poly deposition
  • Ultratech ALD - deposition of alumina, hafnium oxides


  • ADT Dicing saw - for silicon and ceramics

Dry Etch

  • Trion Phantom II RIE
  • Trion Minilok
  • Trion Phantom ICP
  • Trion Apollo Asher
  • LAM 490 Plasma Etcher
  • STS ASE Deep Si Etcher
  • Plasmatherm ICP Cl Etcher
  • Xactix XeF2 Etcher


  • Aixtron, 3x2” Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD).  Visit RIT EPICenter for more details. 


  • ASML 5000 i-line stepper
  • GCA g-line stepper
  • Suss MA150 Contact Aligner
  • Suss MJB4 Contact Aligner
  • SVG Coat and Develop Tracks
  • Manual Spin Coaters
  • Heidelberg Direct Write System


  • Tencor P2 Profilometer
  • CDE Res Map
  • Wyko Dynamic Profilometer
  • Woollam VASE Ellipsometer


  • AME P5000 TEOS Deposition

Physical Vapor Deposition

  • CHA Ebeam Evaporation
  • CVD Thermal Evaporation
  • CHA Flash Evaporator
  • CVC 601 Sputter Deposition

Thermal & Implant

  • Bruce Furnace tubes
  • Tystar Oxidation Tube
  • Varian 350D Implanter

Wet Chemical Processing

  • MOS RCA WetBench
  • Nitride and Hot Phos Wetbench
  • Al Etch Bench
  • Solvent Strip Wetbench