The NTID Supporting English Acquisition (SEA) web site is an online professional development tool for English teachers, content teachers, and other professionals serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Its goal is to help educators promote students’ English acquisition and literacy development by explaining the challenges that English poses for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, summarizing the characteristics of specific English structures and processes, translating English language research findings into everyday language, and discussing research implications and suggesting applications to the teaching/learning process.

As an online tool, the SEA site affords world-wide access to professional development information and activities.  It presents professionals with a dynamic, interactive medium containing guided practice sections in which site visitors learn to identify, produce, and simplify specific English structures and receive online feedback on their responses to exercises. 

Because of its accessibility via the web, the SEA site has the potential to positively impact teachers and students not only in English-speaking countries, but also in programs for deaf students in non-English-speaking countries. As English instruction to deaf students in other countries expands, the SEA site could serve as a valuable resource for teachers and students in those countries as well.