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Structures and Processes

To the left is a list of modules that address challenging English structures and processes. Click on the title of a module that seems relevant to your educational concerns. Most of the modules contain the following components:

  • Introduction - with a list of major considerations concerning an English structure or process
  • Grammatical Summary - covering the characteristics and important facts about the structure or process
  • Research Findings and Implications - summarizing any research relevant to deaf students' difficulties with the structure or process
  • Guided Practice - consisting of interactive exercises designed to enhance site visitors' familiarity with the phenomena covered in the module
  • Action Steps - listing suggestions, guidelines, or activities to incorporate into English and content courses to support students' improvement in targeted aspects of English

Additional modules are in development and will be posted in the future. As a user of this site, if you have suggestions for other topics that should be addressed, please feel free to contact us.