-ED/-ING Participles - Appropriate Participles

Guided Practice

For each sentence below, choose the correct participle by clicking one of the two choices provided. Remember that the -ing participle is associated with the SOURCE and the -ed participle is associated with the EXPERIENCER.

  1. Mary gave me some bewildered/bewildering directions to her house.

    bewildered: INCORRECT.

    bewildering: CORRECT!

  2. Confused/Confusing I drove all around the countryside.

    confused: CORRECT!

    confusing: INCORRECT.

  3. By the end of the day, I was both annoyed/annoying and almost out of gas.

    annoyed: CORRECT!

    annoying: INCORRECT.

  4. Then I noticed a pleased/pleasing sight, a gas station next to an ice cream stand.

    pleased: INCORRECT.

    pleasing: CORRECT!

  5. After I stopped there, I felt much more refreshed/refreshing and ready to tackle the puzzled/puzzling directions once again.

    refreshed: CORRECT!

    refreshing: INCORRECT.

    puzzled: INCORRECT.

    puzzling: CORRECT!

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