Logical Subjects of Infinitives Guided Practice

For each sentence below, identify the logical subject of the highlighted infinitive. A question appears after each sentence to help guide your choice. Indicate your choice by clicking on one of the two or three choices provided. The choice "OTHER" refers to someone not mentioned in the sentence but who might be understood, within a particular context, to be the logical subject of the infinitive.

  1. The technical writer asked the logic designer to make an outline.
    Who will make an outline?

    The technical writer  the logic designer  OTHER

    The technical writer: INCORRECT.

    the logic designer: CORRECT!


  2. The design team manager decided to change the procedure.
    Who will change the procedure?

    The design team manager  OTHER

    The design team manager: CORRECT!


  3. The systems integrator was told by the project manager to prepare a report.
    Who will prepare a report?

    The systems integrator  the project manager  OTHER

    The systems integrator: CORRECT!

    the project manager: INCORRECT.


  4. To reach the information systems manager, the database expert had to call back in the afternoon.
    Who needed to reach someone?

    the information systems manager  the database expert  OTHER

    the information systems manager: INCORRECT.

    the database expert: CORRECT!


  5. The systems analyst was asked by the tester what to say to the developer.
    Who needs to say something?

    The systems analyst  the tester  the developer

    The systems analyst: INCORRECT.

    the tester: CORRECT!

    the developer: INCORRECT.

  6. The maintenance crew showed the assembler where to discard the parts.
    Who will discard the parts.

    The maintenance crew  the assembler  OTHER

    The maintenance crew: INCORRECT.

    the assembler: CORRECT!


  7. The manufacturing manager was ordered to fire the quality control expert.
    Who will do the firing?

    The manufacturing manager  the quality control expert  OTHER

    The manufacturing manager: CORRECT!

    the quality control expert: INCORRECT.


  8. The researcher told the designer to abandon the plan.
    Who will abandon the plan?

    The researcher  the designer  OTHER

    The researcher: INCORRECT.

    the designer: CORRECT!


  9. The hardware technician called the company librarian to borrow some manuals.
    Who borrowed some manuals?

    The hardware technician  the company librarian  OTHER

    The hardware technician: CORRECT!

    the company librarian: INCORRECT.


  10. The software engineer told the applications programmer what to look for.
    Who will look for something?

    The software engineer  the applications programmer  OTHER

    The software engineer: INCORRECT.

    The applications programmer: CORRECT!


  11. The applications analyst promised the systems programmer to develop a strategy.
    Who will develop a strategy?

    The applications analyst  the systems programmer  OTHER

    The applications analyst: CORRECT!

    The systems programmer: INCORRECT.


  12. The product manager advised the design engineer to develop a new system.
    Who would develop a new system?

    The product manager  the design engineer  OTHER

    The product manager: INCORRECT!

    the design engineer: CORRECT!


  13. The inspector asked the technician how to locate the problem.
    Who needs to locate the problem?

    The inspector  the technician  OTHER

    The inspector: CORRECT!

    the technician: INCORRECT.


  14. The service representative telephoned the contract programmer in order to explain the problem.
    Who explained the problem?

    The service representative  the contract programmer  OTHER

    The service representative: CORRECT!

    the contract programmer: INCORRECT.


  15. The software products manager said to send a letter to the company.
    Who will send a letter?

    The software products manager  the company  OTHER

    The software products manager: INCORRECT.

    the company: INCORRECT.


  16. The hardware engineer was asked by the equipment engineer to advise the team.
    Who will do the advising?

    The hardware engineer  the equipment engineer  the team

    The hardware engineer: CORRECT!

    the equipment engineer: INCORRECT.

    the team: INCORRECT.

  17. In order to hire a consultant, the systems support specialist submitted a request to the department manager.
    Who needed to hire someone?

    A consultant  the systems support specialist  the department manager

    A consultant: INCORRECT.

    the systems support specialist: CORRECT!

    the department manager: INCORRECT.

  18. The circuit designer explained what to do with the old circuit.
    Who will do something with the old circuit?

    The circuit designer  OTHER

    The circuit designer: INCORRECT.


  19. The customer asked to describe the problem to the technical support specialist.
    Who will describe the problem?

    The customer  the technical support specialist

    The customer: CORRECT!

    the technical support specialist: INCORRECT.

  20. The computer systems auditor persuaded the local area network manager to investigate the complaint.
    Who investigated the complaint?

    The computer systems auditor  the local area network manager

    The computer systems auditor: INCORRECT.

    the local area network manager: CORRECT!

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