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Clauses for Time

In each item below, the sentence contains a highlighted connective (preposition or conjunction) expressing a time relationship, followed by a different connective in parentheses. In the blank box under each item, rewrite the sentence using the connective in parentheses. Change the meaning of the original sentence as little as possible, and pay particular attention to verb tenses.


    She came in after I opened the door. (until)    ANSWER


    She didn't come in until I opened the door.

After you rewrite each sentence, click on ANSWER to compare your sentence with the expected response shown in the answer box at the bottom of the page. (You can click your browser's RELOAD button to clear your typed answers.)

  1. Bush was President after Clinton. (Before).  ANSWER

    ANSWER: Clinton was President BEFORE Bush.

  2. After the sun goes down, it gets dark. (Until).   ANSWER

    ANSWER: It doesn't get dark UNTIL the sun goes down.

  3. After the sun went down, it got dark. (Until).   ANSWER

    ANSWER: It didn't get dark UNTIL the sun went down.

  4. John discussed some ideas with his partner before he wrote his essay outline. (After).   ANSWER

    ANSWER: AFTER John discussed some ideas with his partner, he wrote his essay outline.