Relative Clauses - Simplifying

Guided Practice

Modifying sentences containing relative clauses is no easy task! Because relative clauses play a central role in English discourse, modifying text can result in awkward or unnatural discourse. However, attention to the challenges posed by relative clauses and other structures that are difficult for deaf students can result in improved English comprehension for deaf students and greater educational success.

Think about ways to simplify each sentence below by using a simpler sentence or sentences without a relative clause or with an “easier” relative clause. You may want to write down your new sentence on a piece of paper. Then click on “ANSWER” to see a possible simplification.

  1. JPEG is an image file format which you can use to display images on the Web.  ANSWER

    JPEG is an image file format. You can use JPEG to display images on the Web.

  2. A strength of digital photography is the degree of control it gives photographers.  ANSWER

    Digital photography gives photographers a lot of control. This control is a strength of digital photography.

  3. One thing you have to do when you find an image that you would like to edit is to find a program with which you can adjust color, brightness, contrast, size, and shape.  ANSWER

    Suppose you want to edit an image. First, find an image. Then, find a program that adjusts color, brightness, contrast, size, and shape.

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