Wh-Questions - Producing

Guided Practice

In each statement below, one word or phrase appears in italics. Rephrase the statement as a wh-question. The italicized word or phrase will become the wh-word or appear in the wh-phrase of your new question. For example:

STATEMENT: Payroll is our company’s highest cost.
QUESTION: What is our company’s highest cost?

STATEMENT: These time cards were submitted last Thursday.
QUESTION: When were these time cards submitted?

After you form your question, click on "ANSWER" to see the correctly formed wh-question.

  1. They hired Mary Smith as their new money manager ANSWER

    Who(m) did they hire as their new money manager?

  2. The controller provides regular reports to the government. ANSWER

    Who(m) does the controller provide regular reports to?

  3. It is the accountant's job to monitor accounts payable and receivable. ANSWER

    Whose job is it to monitor accounts payable and receivable?

  4. They are supposed to record all transactions in the general ledger. ANSWER

    Where are they supposed to record all transactions?

  5. The owner explained that the money manager would invest the excess income. ANSWER

    What did the owner explain that the money manager would invest?

  6. That business will begin its fiscal year on July 1. ANSWER

    When will that business begin its fiscal year?

  7. The managers made a presentation to the lender's representatives. ANSWER

    Whose representatives did the managers make a presentation to?

  8. The investors came to an open meeting that was held last week. ANSWER

    Who came to an open meeting that was held last week?

  9. The money was deposited into the expense account. ANSWER

    Which/What account was the money deposited into?

  10. The executive told the manager to ask the committee to modify the proposal. ANSWER

    What did the executive tell the manager to ask the committee to modify?

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