Family Orientation

Welcome, Tiger Families!

We at RIT know the important role parents and family members play in their student's life. You will be a major support to your student -- not just during their transition to RIT this summer, but throughout their entire college experience! 

While college is a time for students to gain independence, this transition can be overwhelming and they will need your support. Reminders and assistance from you will be helpful as your student begins to navigate campus on their own. 

The Parent and Family Programs office is here to support you during this transition and beyond. Please connect with our resources and reach out with any questions along the way. 

Make sure that you receive the most up-to-date information delivered directly to your inbox, by asking your student to verify your email address at

Parent and Family Programs

Parent and Family Checklist

To prepare yourself and your student to start their academic journey at RIT, here are a few key things you can get started on this summer. 

We will be sending you the digital RIT Welcome Guide in the Family Orientation Newsletter end of May.

Ask your student to go to to confirm that your email address is accurate in our system. 

Read all Family Orientation Newsletters -- delivered straight to your email inbox starting May 25. We will provide a link to an archive of these communications once they begin. 

Participate in the Tiger Resource Series webinars with your student on Tuesday evenings 7-8 p.m. EST. You will also have an opportunity to connect with fellow new RIT families on Thursday evenings 7-8 p.m. EST during Tiger Resource Series: Tiger Parent Talks. Check out the Orientation Calendar to view virtual engagement opportunities and register for events. 

Check out the Parent and Family Programs website at

Support your student in working through their New Student Checklist.

August 15-17*: RIT Move-In
August 15-18*: 
Family Orientation 2021
August 15-22*: New Student Orientation 

*Family Orientation programming will begin the evening of your student’s scheduled move-in day and will continue the following day until 2 p.m. Students will have the ability to select their move-in day in July. Student Orientation will also begin on the evening of their scheduled move-in day and will continue until classes begin on Monday, Aug. 23.

RIT Ready

RIT is proud of the way our community has rallied together in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We firmly believe that our success thus far is a result of an individual commitment made by each and every member of our RIT family – a promise to take safety as a personal responsibility.

Important COVID-19 updates and pre-arrival requirements will be sent to you and your student via email throughout the summer. You should also familiarize yourself with the RIT Ready website – your central resource for all information related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the RIT Safety Plan, student requirements, information, and past COVID-19 communications.

Visit the RIT Ready website

Book Club

Join the Family Orientation Book Club! Select a book to read and join other RIT parents at the end of the summer for a discussion.


College Ready: Expert Advice for Parents to Simplify the College Transition edited by Chelsea Petree

The first year of college is full of excitement and uncertainty. And this fall brings additional challenges and stress. College Ready provides practical guidance on what should be done during the summer and the first semester. Chapters address top-of-mind concerns including packing, money, staying connected, promoting responsible independence, and supporting academic success.

Chapters are accompanied by conversation starters to empower parents to guide their student. A comprehensive checklist helps families and students stay on top of summer to-dos. Each chapter is written by a university official who works with parents to enhance student success at the collegiate level.

Get your copy!
A digital copy of College Ready will be available to all incoming RIT parents for FREE in early June; please watch future Family Orientation Newsletters and the registration page linked below for information on how to get your free copy. Hard copies will be available for purchase on Amazon by June 9.

Register for the College Ready Book Club session on July 29

You’re on Your Own (But I’m Here if You Need Me) by Marjorie Savage

Today, parents of college kids have a tougher time than ever. With the high cost of a college education, new careers emerging while whole occupational fields disappear, and increasing options related to technology, many parents feel pressure to stay connected to their kids but they also need to know when to let go.

This book helps parents identify those boundaries between appropriate involvement and respect for their child’s independence. It offers advice on a wide range of issues, including:

  • How to cope with mood changes in the months before move-in day
  • How freshman gain fifteen pounds when all they do is complain about the food
  • Responsible use of new technology on campus
  • The impact of social media that have opened new communication forums but also introduced new safety concerns

Get your copy!
You can purchase this book on Amazon.

Register for the You're on Your Own Book Club session on Aug. 5


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