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Graduate Students


The English Language Center offers specialized advanced courses for graduate students.

  • Graduate Writing and Reading (5 hours/week)
    The goal for this course is for students to recognize and produce the language necessary for both reading and writing theses, research papers, and academic articles. Students read to analyze the language used to build and organize academic argument. Students write analyses and literature reviews to rehearse and apply linguistic and rhetorical strategies with attention to clear form and meaning relationships. 
  • Graduate Spoken Communication (5 hours/week)
    Students will improve their speaking skills to lead and participate in class discussions focused on specific readings, to describe a topic, define key terms, present research or an argument and ask and answer questions leading to fuller understanding of the topic under discussion and related readings.
  • Research Paper Writing (5 hours/week)
    The purpose of the course is to lead students through the process of developing a research paper. Students read a variety of research papers to identify the common organizational patterns and rhetorical forms. The course is also a workshop in which the instructor works with individual students to plan, write and revise a research paper introduction using appropriate formal academic language and citations of referenced material.

The English Language center also offers:

  • Small group writing lab
  • Special elective courses in English pronunciation.

Please contact the ELC to find out about current elective offerings.


You can apply to the English Language Center without applying to RIT. If you would like to apply to the English Language Center, you can apply here


  • RIT may require certain English courses based on a student’s standardized international English test score (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE-Academic) in order to meet minimum RIT admission requirements
  • Many RIT graduate programs have English language requirements which are higher than the general minimum for RIT.
    • Graduate programs may require specific English Language Center courses
    • Graduate programs may require additional English language proficiency testing at the English Language Center
  • Graduate students who do not have standardized international test score data must take the RIT language proficiency test in order to determine any English coursework requirements
  • If you are not yet admitted to RIT and have questions about graduate enrollment, please contact RIT Graduate Admissions


Conditionally admitted RIT students do not need to apply separately to the English Language Center. If you would like to apply to the English Language Center before applying to RIT graduate school, you can apply here


  • Some students who are admitted with English language conditions may need to take courses in the full-time intensive English program
  • Graduate students must complete required Graduate English courses with a B grade. Students earning below a B must repeat the course or enroll in a substitute course.
  • Some graduate programs may require both Graduate Writing/Reading and Graduate Spoken Communication
  • Graduate programs may set additional requirements based on student performance


English Language Center courses are zero-credit. All English Language Center courses and course grades appear on official RIT transcripts. There is an educational fee for all ELC courses. The fee is lower than RIT credit-hour cost.

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