KGCOE Senator

Bradley Galeazzo

Bradley Galeazzo


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hello everyone! My name is Bradley Galeazzo, I am a First Year Electrical Engineering major and so far, this has been an amazing year for me. I come from a small city in Western New York called Jamestown, just an hour south of Buffalo and about two hours away from RIT! Outside of academics, I am very involved in performing arts. Recently I competed as a solo vocalist in Ovation at this year’s FreezeFest, and last semester I was part of RIT Singers. You might have seen me working at The College Grind, so stop by for some coffee! Going back to academics, I’ve always found problem solving to be an interest of mine. We see so many issues occurring in our world today and I want to be someone who helps solve those problems, I’ve taken a keen interest in today’s energy crisis and how we can solve that issue using clean and renewable energy, as well as improving the system as a whole. That interest in solving issues in our world has translated to what can be improved in our college, and I hope all of you can see what we as a college can do to improve.


My name is Bradley Galeazzo, a first-year electrical engineering major, and I am running for the Kate Gleason College of Engineering Senator position for the 2023-2024 academic year. As KGCOE Senator I will work alongside organizations and clubs, such as WE@RIT (Women in Engineering at RIT) and ECCO (Engineers of Color Creating Opportunities), to create a more inclusive and diverse environment here at KGCOE. We as a college should all be connected in one way or another and should be aware of the amazing groups that are here in KGCOE. Another plan is to help students become more engaged with the clubs in the college, which I will do by holding events such as club fairs and other informational events to help current students and incoming first years get more involved. Leading into talking about incoming first years, I plan to help these students ease into their first year here at RIT by reaching out to students via email as well as being a resource for any questions they have about university life, regardless of if it relates to their academics or not as I can assume that we all agree that our first year may have not been the best to ease into. I also plan to create a Student Advisory Board for KGCOE, consisting of students representing each major within our college. This will be a primary method of communication and voicing concerns among students in KGCOE. In conclusion, I can see many opportunities for our college to improve and I want you all to be a part of that process!