President and VP Candidates

Dan Talbott and Cass Tierney

dan and cass



Dan Talbott (President)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hello everyone, I’m Dan, and I’m running for SG President! I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering Technology major born and raised right here in Rochester, NY. I have been involved in a bunch of areas on campus, I have previously been an Orientation Leader and currently am an RA in Ellingson Hall. Some places you can find me on campus would be in the Sustainability Building, where I am currently co-oping for the Golisano Institute for Sustainability, the MMET project room where I am probably grinding out a project late night, or at RIT Hockey games with the Corner Crew, where you have probably seen me in the front being really loud and obnoxious! I am also a CODA which means I am a child of a deaf adult. Because of this, I have grown up interacting with the deaf and hard of hearing community since I was a child and have been around NTID for as long as I can remember. There is a special place in my heart for the deaf and hard of hearing community and for RIT as a whole, and I would love to express my passion serving as your next president!

Cass Tierney

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

I am very excited to be a candidate for this year's Student Government election! My name is Cassidy, but I am mostly known as Cass. I'm a fourth year Computer Science major from Long Island, NY. I am involved in all sorts of things on campus and I truly love being a student here at RIT. Currently, I am a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority and I hold the positions of Head of Philanthropy in the Student Alumni Alliance and Projects Head in the Society of Software Engineers. I love everything I do on campus and my hope is to leave a good impact when my time at RIT comes to an end.


Our Mission Statement: Putting the student back in student life.

Students are the heart of our campus and we believe that advocating for them, no matter who they may be, should be our number one priority as Student Government representatives. We have set forth many achievable goals and have already started to plan how we will get them done. Our plan is to hit the ground running if we were to be elected.

Let’s break it down:
Extending Add/Drop Period - It has been done before, so why not do it again? Many of the other schools in the area have a two week add/drop period, so why can’t we?
NTID Housing and Deaf Advocacy
Shortening the dorm housing requirement for NTID/cross registered students on scholarship from the current two years to one year is one of our main goals. In doing this, we can also increase housing availability for our first year students and allow flexibility for our NTID/cross registered students.
Restarting the Deaf Advocacy Committee with a dedicated committee chair to discuss issues directly relating to deaf and hard of hearing students.
Club Advocacy - Let’s build better relationships with clubs/organizations on campus. We want to learn about how different clubs on campus operate and advocate for any issues they may be passionate about.
Campus Health
More transparency about our meals on campus
Healthier, more sustainable meals
Easier access to allergen friendly meals
Preventing cross-contamination of food
Prospective Student Experience
We would like to increase the knowledge of our exploration programs here on campus. It really is hard to come into school fully understanding what you are getting yourself into and we believe the exploration programs are the best way to figure out what is truly right for you.

And finally, with advocating for students on campus, that truly means all students on campus. We believe in creating a safe environment, free from discriminatory behavior. Though we cannot relate to all struggles students face, we will strive to listen to students and champion their causes. We will not stop until the job is done!