CAD Senator

Jack Connolly

Jack Connolly



Pronouns: He/him/His

I am currently a third year visual media major at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am finishing up my first year of being Visual media president and working at the photography arts and science office. I have been local to Rochester almost my whole life. I've worked two summer internships one in the summer of 2021 and other in 2022, both places were summer camps as a photographer.


As a CAD senator, I want to be able to provide more events for CAD students to sell their own personal art as a one-day vendor pop-up shop. Allowing students to showcase their work to not just CAD alone but to the entire campus. Giving more opportunities for creative artists to have their work presented outside of James E Booth and Gannet on campus. To spread awareness for current creative job opportunities on campus for students to pursue.
Having artwork showcased in other buildings on campus. To have students from different parts of CAD in collaborative classes. Which could be something like production students working with animation students or could be graphic design, new media, and illustration majors working together. As well as being able to have more core class options that are oriented toward your own major. Majors such as Fine art photography are lacking core classes, other majors have the same issue.