CET Senator

Jake Long

Jake Long


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hi there, I'm Jake Long and I'm a Second year Civil Engineering Technology Major. This year was fantastic! My grades have never been higher, and I have met so many great people. But enough about how great this year was, what about me personally. Well, I’m big into self betterment. I love to workout, to hike and other outside activities, to meditate and constantly check in on myself. I am a movie snob, and love a good book. I like to get involved in as many things as I can, and I love to stay busy. I think one of my strongest characteristics is striving under pressure and so I try to load my plate up with as much as I possibly can.


I come to you once again to ask if I can serve in your name, and represent you in Student Government. For the past year, I have done my best to advocate for you. I have started new initiatives to better learning and education, I have hosted and supported events to better connect students and foster a more connected community, and I have kept you well informed on what I am doing through a steady stream of emails, albeit poorly grammared.

I have dedicated myself to my role, spending upwards of 25 hours a week working towards helping your position as students by fighting for small changes that pushes us closer to that dream of creating a perfect College of Engineering Technology. Even in my spare time, I often find myself still trying to drum up ideas on how to better our College. Although I have worked hard this past year, what does that do for you next year?

What is in the past, is in the past. That is why for next year I have a new set of goals I will work towards:

Workshops: The college offers poorly advertised workshops at the start of each semester on topics of time management skills, where to get academic help, and networking. If elected, I will expand and better advertise these workshops to include financial wellness and have them at times that are more convenient for students.

Student Advisory Board: Every other college has a Student Advisory Board (SAB) except for CET. If elected, I will work with the Dean's Office to create a student advisory board that will help get more students involved in conversations that directly affect their education.

Connecting: If elected, I will host and support events that get as many people in our college connected and mingling as possible, such as having a day where students volunteer their time to help their community and bond with each other through community service.

Academic Help: Many students are struggling academically, and do not know how to get help. If elected, I will work with the Dean’s office to find a solution that works best for us.

Change starts with one thing: good leadership. I know I have the wherewithal to fulfill all my goals, and then some. I hope you see within me a leader, and one who you will let continue to represent your best interests.