Join Student Government

Student Government is a great way to be involved and make a positive impact on the RIT campus and community.

Here are multiple ways you can become a part of our organization and the positions that make up Student Government:


Appointed by the newly elected President and Vice President, Cabinet is made up of six members. Each position involves managing Student Government internally through positions like Director of Finance and Director of Marketing. Before being hired, they are approved by Senate. All members of Cabinet are hired for the academic year except the Director of Operations, who is hired for the calendar year.


Every spring, the President and Vice President along with Senators are elected by the student body. There is a Senator that represents every college and four community Senators. The only Senator that is not elected by the student body is the First Year Senator who gets voted in by SG in the fall. Senators are the only voting members in Student Government.

Committee Chairs

Appointed by the newly elected President and Vice President, Committee Chairs are in charge of overseeing SG’s Internal Committees. Similar to Cabinet, they are also hired for the academic year and are non-voting members.