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Morrgan Rosenberg

Morrgan Rosenberg



Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

My name is Morrgan Rosenberg and I am a third year in the School Of Individualized Study. I am studying English and Public Relations and I hope to go on to be a professor some day. In my free time, I am a member of Student Government and I work at the writing center, the box office, and for Athletic Communications here on campus. I absolutely love to be involved in the community and moreover, I love to be involved in SOIS. Also, I love to read and would so appreciate some new book recommendations :)


Hi everyone! My name is Morrgan Rosenberg and I am running for SOIS Senator! I have been the senator for SOIS for about a year now and I have completed a lot of work in that time, but I am not done yet! Some things I want to work on if I am elected include:

-Continuing to work with the registrar on the improvement of SOIS students' ability to register for classes that they need or want to take. This involves changes to SIS amongst other small changes to the registration process.
-Continue to inform SOIS students on what resources they have available to them for finding job opportunities as well as increasing these opportunities. Along with this, I hope to increase alumni connections for students.
-Hold more fun events for students to participate in such as ice cream socials, community events, and game nights!
-Connect SOIS students with each other in order to increase a sense of community. This would be done through more events as well as the promotion of SOIS council and the related activities.
-Represent SOIS at Student Government meetings and community wide meetings. Taking into consideration what I hear from other SOIS students I will advocate for SOIS in the relevant and important areas such as senate meetings and external committees.

But, more importantly, I want to hear what the students of SOIS want and work to achieve those goals on behalf of the SOIS community.

With my previous experience, I have a lot of resources and have begun a lot of work already that I would love to continue. I am extremely passionate about SOIS and am grateful for any opportunity to represent the college or improve the lives of people involved with it. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns, my email is, and I hope you will consider voting for me :D