NTID Senator

Neriyah McPherson

Neriyah McPherson



Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hello! My name is Neriyah McPherson. I am a second-year student at the National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) and RIT. My major is Community Development and Inclusion. In this major, I specifically field on Community Health as Health Educator. I am born and raised in Upstate New York. My identities are Hispanic and Deaf. I was raised by a hearing family and I am the deaf person in the family. I speak English and I use sign language to communicate with people in my surrounding. My experiences include serving on the Junior National Associate of Deaf (Jr. NAD) food committee, I served as treasurer, hosting events, mentoring elementary students, I worked as a teacher assistant intern for five weeks over the summer, and performing community service for four years while I was a high school student.


I am NTID supported student. I want to be elected position for an NTID senator because I really want to change the NTID system to do better. I want to be an expectation to change for NTID system. I need to change and improve for NTID Learning Center (NLC) system for more accessibility to tutors and professionals, need to set up for science tutor and science room. I want academic advisors can explain clarification with the NTID students about the English system and the system need fix to make it better. Including improving for interpretation system with NTID transferring to RIT for classes to become easier and reducing the violence of ADA. I have expectations to change the NTID system to improve and want to interact with NTID students. I am willing to give up my own time to listen to NTID students when they want to improve then I will make action to change what NTID students want. I want to Deaf people have more accessibility in a friendly way. I want to see about Deaf people are able to socialize with hearing people for any events than left Deaf people out. Even, if it is any event then I will work with other senators or committees together. I want to make the opportunity to experience improving my skills, leadership, organization, and interaction with people and students as well. Then I will be prepared for the reality to use my leadership role and make sure I am aware of it. While I still am confident in my leadership and interaction with people. It is will be beneficial to time management, leadership skill, communication with people, and organization.