SOIS Senator

Pronoun: She/Her/Hers
Year: 5th
Major: Medical Analytics & Business Management
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

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Caitlin Pope is a 5th-year SOIS student studying Medical Analytics & Business Management at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She is native of Los Angeles, California and traveled to Rochester, New York summer 2016 to attend RIT. While studying at RIT, Caitlin has been involved in many aspects of campus life. Her first step into campus life was in her first year, through the Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS) 2016 Summer Bridge Program. In her second year, she was accepted in the Women of Color Honor and Ambition (WOCHA) Program as a member of the 3rd Cohort. She served as a student representative, in her 3rd year, on the Student Mental Health and Well-being Task Force. Her most recent campus involvements came in her 4th-year here at RIT where she serves as a WOCHA mentor for 3 current WOCHA members in the 5th Cohort. Also in her 4th-year, she became one of the founders of the Rochester Institute of Technology Chapter of Campus Curlz, Incorporated. As she continues her growth at the Rochester Institute of Technology, she continues her involvement in campus with WOCHA, Campus Curlz and Student Government while also working as a full-time associate at Amazon Logistics in Rochester, New York and awaiting her cosmetic business (FroReal Cosmetics) launch (October 23).


Fun Fact: I’m allergic to tomatoes, which is fun when I’m eating food I’m trying for the first time.