COLA Senator

Umana Huq

umana Huq



Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hello! My name is Umana Huq, and I am a third-year double majoring in Criminal Justice and Economics. Here in RIT, I am involved in Year One Programs and as a Resident Advisor. I like to read, hang out with my friends, and drink iced caramel macchiato (yes, even though it's snowing).


As the COLA Senator, I wish to expand the opportunities available to COLA students. In particular, I would like the Career Fair to be of more relevance to us. Not every major is sufficiently covered by companies that recruit in the Career Fair, especially in the liberal arts field. I aim to bring more recruiters that are relevant to COLA, so that more relevant co-op and networking opportunities are available to students.

COLA is a diverse group (we have students from 13 different countries!), making representation all the more important. I want to introduce more events that allow COLA students to network with faculty and with each other. Special emphasis will be put on International COLA students, who may face additional challenges in the field.

With your vote and support, I believe that I will be able to uphold the values of COLA, and successfully represent the interests of the students!