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University Gallery features curated exhibitions that showcase the work of professional alumni, faculty, esteemed national and international artists and designers. University Gallery is a forum to inspire dialog, spark the imagination, cultivate relationships and build community.

Current Exhibition

Photograms are an analog darkroom process that do not use a camera; instead, materials are placed on or near unexposed light-sensitive photographic paper, exposed to light, and then developed using standard darkroom chemistry. Innate in this process is a lack of control or[...]
Contemporary fiber artist Pat Pauly’s large scale, abstract works created with surface design on cloth take command of the gallery with color, pattern, and imagery. "I’m often asked, ‘So, why aren’t you a painter?’ Yes, it’s true that my background is in fine arts and I do paint[...]

Upcoming Exhibition

Many objects of interest in cultural heritage have been damaged, erased, or overwritten to the point where the original text is unreadable. Some contemporary materials, such as fax paper, have likewise degraded so that they appear as if printed with “invisible” ink. Fortunately[...]

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