Not Like Any OTHR: Design for Another Time


Brooklyn-based designer, entrepreneur, and creative director, Joe Doucet and co-founders Dean di Simone and Evan Clabots, established OTHR as a technology-and-design initiative framed around the creation of a handful of established and emerging designers who were called upon to envision useful, aesthetic, and unique objects that would be created through cutting-edge, digital manufacturing means for the purpose of transforming design, manufacturing, and consumption. 

For this exhibition, three faculty in the College of Liberal Arts & College of Art & Design, in coordination with Josh Owen, Director of Vignelli Center for Design Studies, worked together to research, examine, and share this newly-donated collection to the Center. Framed as a project in the museum studies course Visitor Engagement and Museum Technologies, the faculty led teams of students to realize this project and to create an exhibition within a matter of five weeks. Working with Prof. John Monaco, students printed all of the filament-based items in the cases, created the in-gallery atmosphere, and installed the exhibition. Working with Prof. Kate Myers Emery, students designed out-of-gallery digital interactives, including the project website, to lead visitors to the exhibition and to archive our project. Working with Prof. Juilee Decker, students crafted the in-gallery content by preparing label copy, gathering feedback from our RIT community about the objects and the disciplines that they call upon, and curating playlists inspired by the OTHR collection. Join us and see for yourself why OTHR is truly design for another time.

White coffee cups and saucers laid out in a grid pattern on blue background
Series of white and black elongated loops arranged in rows with a single green apple

Loop. The traditional fruit bowl reimagined. Crafted in black or white 3D Printed Porcelain. Numbered Edition. Designed by Raif Faisel

Oblong black loop shape with an orange on top

White porcelain swoop shaped bookend holding up three books

Carlo Bookend. References the monolithic nature of large-scale architecture and inspired by the building elements and aesthetic features of legendary architect Carlo Scarpa. 3D printed porcelain. Designed by Ini Archibong

Close up of white porcelain swoop shaped bookend

White 3D rectangular box with a round portal fot a bird to enter.

Birdhaus. A modern design that features elements and dimensions that align to traditional birdhouses around the world. 3D printed porcelain.Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune

White 3D rectangular box with a round portal fot a bird to enter.

White round cup with handle sitting atop a saucer with a bump out below the handle.

Grid Set. A redign of the traditional anatomy of a coffee or tea set by creating a family of complementary objects. 3D printed porcelain, Sterling silver, 14K Gold plated bronze. Designed by Alissia Melka-Teichroew

Aerial view of White round cup with handle sitting atop a saucer with a bump out below the handle.