Sticks: Naomi Miller MFA Thesis

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"Small things can change you; they might not seem significant at the time and perhaps they don’t happen all at once, but the change is inevitable. The work I’ve made are representations of that change, rooted in my own personal narrative as a transgender woman. The starting point of much of the work are comments or words people have said to me, the goal has been to translate those thoughts, words, and perceptions into objects. To decode this, I’ve chosen the chair for its connotations and connection to the human body." - Naomi Miller

MFA Furniture design candidate Naomi Miller grew up in Maine and spent much of her early life on the
coast, developing an appreciation for the cycles and rhythms of the natural world. She did her
undergraduate work at St. Micheles College in Vermont and received her BA in Theater. She then spent most of the next fourteen years as a properties artisan working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania building furniture for theatrical stage productions. Coming to Rochester in 2020 to join the program in Furniture Design, she now lives in Maplewood with her wife and dog Pollywog.



a group of five wood chairs that are on fire arranged in a circle on a sandy beach with blue water along the shore.