Susan Ferrari Rowley - Suspension vs. Gravity


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Susan Ferrari Rowley (b.1950) has spent her professional life in pursuit of excellence and developing an impressive body of work that shows the evolution of her personal artistic language. Ferrari Rowley began as a sculptor and found fabric to be her medium of choice, combined with contemporary materials that she manipulates in combination.

A pioneer in transcending boundaries and gaining acceptance of fabric/fiber as a sculptural medium, Ferrari Rowley has gained national and international recognition in both fiber and sculpture exhibitions. Notable honors include ‘Young Americans: Fiber, Plastic, Wood’ in which The American Crafts Council selected the top fifty artists to honor and watch in the United States. 

Other accolades include recognition as 2013 Visual Artist of the Year from the Arts and Cultural Council of Rochester.  Multiple competitive exhibitions and one-person shows culminated with her 2018 inclusion in the Venice Biennial of Architecture, where she was one of thirty international sculptors chosen to exhibit in the prestigious exhibition. She has been invited to design a new sculpture for the 2020 Venice Biennale and is also preparing for a site-specific installation at Public Art Projects, an installation exhibition space in Cincinnati where she will open the season in their newly designed space.

Ferrari Rowley acquired two degrees from RIT; the MST and the MFA, and taught for three years as a Visiting Professor in the Foundation Department, and one year in Sculpture.  She is currently Professor Emeritus from Monroe Community College and working full-time as a practicing sculptor.

Suspension vs Gravity is sponsored by the Rubens Family Foundation.

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Installation of three sculptural forms made of white fabric stretched over a 3D armature and mounted on the wall.
Installation of three identical sculptural forms made of white fabric stretched over an armature and mounted on the wall

Square 2, 2020

Image of man taking photograph of the gallery with white sculpture in background

College of Art and Design Dean Jokl

View of three white rectangular sculptural forms mounted on the upper wall with three smaller white box sculptures on the lower wall

Corner Poise Series, 2019

Close up view of 3D rectangular forms connected by series of draped cords

Corner Poise Series, 2019, detail

View of exhibition wall with three 3D rectangular forms mounted on the wall with series of cords draped between.

Corner Poise Series, 2019

Image of audience seated in lecture style in gallery setting with white dimensional sculptures mounted on walls.

Artist lecture