Bernard Meyers: Dividing Line - Peru, Urban Renewal and Worlds In Between


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Bernard C. Meyers (b. 1955) is an abstract artist creating works on paper. His unique abstract sensibilities and distinct design style radiates from all his imagery. He is a master printer of his own works which include archival ink jet, etching, lithography, mono-prints and digital montage. 

Meyers graduated from RIT in 1977 with a BFA in Photography and 1990 with an MFA in Printmaking. After graduating, Meyers founded and operated a fine art printing business, Portland Photographics in 1978 that specialized in Cibachrome color photographic printing and had access to some of the world’s most renowned photographers. Meyers continued his career to work as a commercial photographer and specialized in architecture and art reproduction. Meyers took his rich and diverse experience to teach courses in photography, 2D design and traditional printmaking. 

“I am a voracious student of photography and my influences range well into the world of painters and printmakers. Abstract Expressionism and the more visually ambiguous photographers provide my visual nourishment. Since my time at RIT, I never stopped making and exhibiting art. The past five years have been the most creative and productive of my life.” – Bernard C. Meyers

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Manipulated and abstracted photographic image of a red brick facade of 1800's city skyscraper
Manipulated and abstracted photographic image of several downtown Rochester NY Main Street building facades

Urban Renewal: Incident on East Main Street

Manipulated and abstracted photographic image of glass walled sky scraper in blues and reflects clouds

Urban Renewal: Broadway Centre

Manipulated and abstracted photographic image of night scene of city glass walled skyscrapers looking down into the street with traffic and blurred headlights

Urban Renewal: Midtown Madness

Manipulated and abstracted photographic image of collaged image of pieces of buildings - window grids, metal mesh fencing, and brick walls

Urban Renewal: Mending Wall

Manipulated and abstracted photographic image of a close up of a multi-colored paired and peeling wall surface

Palimpsest: Actual Instance