Andrew Franklin - Campus Life in the 70s


Andrew Franklin (PH ‘75) documented life at RIT in the early 1970s and amassed one of the largest single collections of images of student life during the early years on the new campus in Henrietta, New York. 

Franklin came to RIT in 1971 as an art major, but soon transferred to photography with a focus on photojournalism, inspired by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. From that point, he was rarely without a camera, regularly capturing candid images of campus life and of the still-new campus itself. While at RIT, Franklin worked for the Reporter and for the yearbook Techmila, where he was editor in chief in 1974-75. Many of his images appeared in those publications, but many others have remained unprinted until now. 

After graduation, Franklin began a career at NBC News, where he worked for many years on NBC Nightly Newsas a producer, writer, and for five years, Senior Producer for international news. He has had an ongoing role in NBC’s political coverage over the years, and was a founding producer at MSNBC, where he produced the archival program Time & Again with Jane Pauley. Franklin recently helped produce the NBC special, “Tom Brokaw: The First 50 Years.”

Man standing next to five large black and white photographs hung on the wall
Three people posing for a photo in gallery - Andrew Franklin, Director Wendy Marks, Kevin Marks

Andrew Franklin, Director Wendy Marks, Kevin Marks

Man taking an image with a cell phone of photos on the wall

Andrew Franklin

Image offer glass entry doors covered with snow

View between two brick dorm buildings to tower with clock

Students gathered casually in a field over looking a construction of the NTID building

Small human figure jumping in front of a massive brick wall

Person jumping out of a second story lounge in a dorm into a huge snow bank

Student wearing a puffy winter jacket completely covered in snow

Student holding a camera in a casual pose against a plate glass window with a reflection of the person taking the photo

Young boy leaning into a large waste bin searching

Student on a bike looking back at a box on the rear bike rack with a puppy peeking out

Two circus elephants being led past the entrance to the Student Union building by two circus employees

Image of a young woman answering a rotary phone at a reception desk in the Student Union

Four students sitting in the middle of a walkway with their arms around each other

Snowy vista view down a main passage with a large sundial sculpture

Looking down on a plaza with a patterned walkway system and a single bike rider

View of a young woman wearing a head bandana looking back over her shoulder at the photographer.

A young man standing with arms crossed in front of a dorm desk and wall covered with photographs

Looking up at the 'Mobius' sculpture - a chrome ring that resembles an infinity shape on top of a black marble oblique

Family group of two patterns standing with their son who is wearing a graduation robe and cap