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RIT Venture Fund

The RIT Venture Fund was capitalized with $3.5 Million. We will strive to build a diversified portfolio of early and later stage companies. We will strive to build a diversified portfolio of early and later stage companies. The total average investment per company is expected to be $200-300K and will typically be made in multiple tranches upon achievement of certain milestones or as appropriate, at the discretion of RIT.

The RIT Venture Fund is seeking investment opportunities in
growth-oriented companies with a link to RIT, including:

RIT Faculty & Staff / RIT Students / RIT Alumni
Funded Research Sponsors of RIT / IP Licensees
Venture Creations Incubator Companies


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Businesses with ties to RIT are eligible to apply for financial assistance

A great idea and hard work are two essential elements in launching a successful business. Another is cash.

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Rochester Business Journal
Friday, October 26, 2012

Rochester Institute of Technology has started a $3.5 million venture fund intended to help develop local businesses in what officials see as a major component of the university's business incubation efforts.

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