Our paper on defending against Deep Learning-based modulation classification attacks is accepted for IEEE INFOCOM 2024 conference. (Congrats to Naureen!)

Our paper on supporting transition to post-quantum authentication in connected vehicles through optimizing the V2V spectrum is accepted for NDSS 2024 conference. (Congrats to Geoff!)

Shima joined the WISP team as a PhD student. Welcome Shima!

Two separate papers, one on breaking modulation obfuscation and the other on securing Wi-Fi connection establishment, accepted to appear in ACM WiSec conference. (Congrats to Naureen!)

Our journal paper on Protecting 5G Sidelink Scheduling in C-V2X is accepted to appear in IEEE TWC. (Congrats to Geoff!)

Dr. Rahbari received NSF CAREER Award ($600K) to investigate Reliable and Quantum-resistant Connected Vehicle Security!

Naureen accepted an internship offer from Modern Hire to join them in Summer 2023 as a Data Science Intern.

Our paper on Wi-Fi security and formal analysis is accepted to appear in IEEE CNS'22 conference. (Congrats to Naureen!)

Two papers on spectrum sharing security (one related to connected vehicle security) accepted to appear in IEEE GLOBECOM'22 conference (congrats to Sid!).

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cited our work on post-quantum (PQ) security for V2V, presented at the Third PQC Standardization Conference in June 2021, as a factor in their choices for PQ digital signature algorithms to be standardized. The full NIST report is available here

Our $650K NSF ATE grant for Improving and Modernizing Training and Education for Machining Workforce is awarded! It is collaboration among two RIT colleges and Monroe Community College.

Geoff accepted an internship offer from Modern Hire to join them in Summer 2022 as a Data Science Intern.