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Fitness Center

Recreation: Membership Information

Memberships Accordion

RIT recreation memberships are available to the RIT community, alumni, family, and friends. Membership includes the use of the Student Life Center (SLC), Field House, multi-level fitness center, aquatics center, tennis courts, nature trails, and outdoor fields. Members must present their valid RIT ID for access into the facilities. Red Barn Climbing memberships are sold separately.

All RIT registered students receive automatic access to the facilities. Incoming freshmen receive access on the first day of Freshman Orientation. Students only registered for a wellness class will be provided with access if the class is needed to fulfill a graduation requirement. Access will be granted upon review by the SLC Main Office. If the class is not needed for graduation, the student will need to purchase a recreation membership in order to access the facility and participate in the class. During the summer, free access will be granted to students registered for the previous Spring and the upcoming Fall semesters or are registered for a Summer course.

RIT faculty, staff, retirees, and trustees also receive the benefit of automatic access. Trustees will be granted access upon notification of the SLC Main Office.

All other recreation memberships requiring payment are provided through the SLC Main Office and may be purchased with Visa/MasterCard or Tiger Bucks. First time members must register in person and provide a valid photo ID and proof of vaccination in order to acquire an RIT recreation ID. Family and Friend of the University memberships require a sponsor with a current recreation membership. New Friend of the University members must have their sponsor with them the first time they purchase a membership.

Call 585-475-2620, 585-475-7663 or email for more information.

SLC Main Office hours are:
Monday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday, Wednesday 9am - 6:30pm

Membership Types and Rates Accordion

Short-term memberships are available to RIT sponsored individuals starting at one week for $20 up to eight weeks for $90. Other membership opportunities are listed below.

Membership Type 3 mos. 6 mos. 9 mos. Annual+
Students, Faculty, Staff * - - - -
Student: spouse/domestic partner and children $55 $110 $165 NA
Faculty, staff, and alumni: spouse/domestic partner and children $55 $110 $165 $198
Alumni $85 $170 $255 $306
Friend of the University** $110 $220 $330 $396

*Includes RIT retirees and trustees
** Must be sponsored by a student, faculty, staff or alumni with a valid recreation membership
+ The annual rate reflects a 10% discount at time of purchase. A sponsored member is eligible for the 10% discounted rate if purchased within two weeks of their sponsor’s date of purchase. Annual membership expiration dates for sponsored members will end on the date of their sponsor’s membership.

RIT Summer Programs Accordion

RIT departments may sponsor individuals participating in their summer programs for a recreation membership by providing a chargeback account number or individuals may purchase a membership themselves.  Please contact the SLC Main Office for more information. 

Online Membership Renewals Accordion

Alumni can renew their recreation membership and the family members they sponsor online. Faculty, Staff and retirees can renew their family memberships online as well. Visit our portal and “Sign In” to renew. If you do not have a login account, please contact the SLC Main Office.

If you are purchasing an alumni membership and/or sponsoring someone for the first time, you must visit the SLC Main Office in person to process your membership. Sponsor and sponsored expiration dates are synced for convenience.

Guest Passes Accordion

  • A guest pass is a benefit for an RIT Recreation member to bring in friends with them.
  • Members may sponsor up to three guests per day at $7 per guest. A $5 guest pass is available for children 4 to 13 years, Seniors 65+ years, and military with appropriate ID.
  • Members must accompany their guests at all times.
  • All guests must present a valid photo ID and sign a release agreement.
  • Friend of the University memberships are also available with an RIT sponsor.
  • Children under 16, including recreation members, must be accompanied by an adult at all times and cannot sponsor a guest.
  • A guest must be at least 14 years old to use the fitness center.
  • An RIT sponsor must purchase guest passes for their guest(s) on the day they use the facility.
  • There is a limit of three guests per day.
  • RIT sponsored guests may borrow equipment. The sponsor is responsible for items not returned.
  • Sponsors and guests must comply with all recreation policies, or they may lose their privileges to use the facilities.

Locker Rentals Accordion

Half-lockers are available at the Student Life Center and rentals are purchased at the SLC Main Office. Rates are $36 per year, $19 per semester, $12 for 3 months and $24 for 6 months. Any items found after a rental expires will be removed and donated to charity. Full-size lockers are available for day-to-day use only. Locks found on full-size lockers at the end of the day will be cut and all contents will be removed. Items left unclaimed after 30 days will be donated to charity.

Members can renew their locker rental via our member portal any time within 30 days of their locker rental expiration date. Please use the PDF screen steps below for instructions.

Equipment Loan-Out Accordion

Various types of equipment (towels, locks, basketballs, racquets, etc.) can be loaned out from the SLC Equipment Cage.

Loan-Out Policies

  • A valid RIT ID is required when borrowing and returning equipment.
  • Only one towel per person. You may exchange a soiled towel for a clean one.
  • Report any bloody towels to the Cage Attendant.
  • RIT sponsored guests may borrow equipment under their sponsor’s account.
  • Equipment loaned out must be returned the same day.
  • Fees will apply to any damaged, lost or late items.
  • Building access will be denied to anyone who owes a late fee, replacement fee or overdue equipment.
  • Arrangements for large equipment or overnight loan-outs must be made in advance by contacting SLC Rents.