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Fitness Center

Outdoor Education: Red Barn Climbing

The Red Barn is home to one of the top collegiate indoor rock climbing facilities in the country. RBC is a bouldering-only gym, where climbs are shorter and falls are protected with padding. Climbing routes are set and maintained to accommodate all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

The Red Barn is a 100-year-old "Wells" style dairy barn that lacks many modern amenities such as heat and plumbing. Please dress based on the outside temperature. A restroom is located in our annex, adjacent to the Red Barn. Red Barn Climbing is currently only open to RIT students, staff and faculty.


The Red Barn is located at the far west end of campus, about one eighth of a mile northwest of the Riverknoll apartments.

Coordinates: 43.08424646507299, -77.68473963576612

Hours for Fall Semester

  • Saturday 10am-8pm
  • Sunday 10am-8pm


  • Single Day Pass: $4
  • *10-Punch Pass: $36
  • Climbing Shoe Rental: $3 (Climbing shoes are required to participate.)
  • Chalk Bag Rental: $1

*Punch passes are non-transferrable, unused punches are not refundable, and all punch passes expire on June 30, 2022.


Red Barn telephone: 585-475-7050