Instructional Design Services

Teaching & Learning Services can be your partner in achieving teaching excellence at RIT. We can help you develop the core competencies that are critical to your success, and the success of your students. We offer the following services:

Individual Consultation
Individual and confidential consultation with an Instructional Design Consultant on questions about classes or other teaching and learning related matters.

Classroom Observation
Observation of classroom teaching with confidential feedback (general comments on classroom activities or feedback on specific areas requested).

Informal Classroom Assessment Techniques

Informal Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT) provide feedback during the semester about student learning, their attitudes regarding the material being covered, and/or their reactions to the teaching methods and activities used in class. CATs provide short, non-graded anonymous feedback with the goal of improving instruction rather than assigning grades. Even experienced faculty will gain new insight from these simple techniques.

Formative (in process) Feedback

Mid-quarter is a great time to find out how things are going in class. Feedback forms (in both hard-copy and electronic formats) are available from TLS or an Instructional Design Consultant will be happy to assist.

Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID)
A very effective strategy for gathering information in a timely manner is to set aside 20-30 minutes of class time for a SGID. One of our Instructional Design Consultants will meet to discuss questions designed to gather student feedback. The facilitator meets with the class without the faculty member present and gathers feedback through an interview process. SGID has been proven to defuse many problems early in the quarter.

To talk with an Instructional Design Consultant about our services, click here to make an appointment or call 475-2551.

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