The Student Hall for Exploration and Development (The SHED) brings the RIT mission to one location combining technology, the arts, and design.


The SHED will be home to five large-format classrooms equipped with classroom technology designed and aligned for teaching and learning, including multiple displays for clear sight-lines throughout the rooms and flexible seating arrangements to accommodate active learning in small teams, all with a focus on inclusion and accessibility.

  • Four flat classrooms with capacity of 150
  • One tiered classroom with capacity of 144

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In Wallace

The 22 classrooms in the Wallace Library accommodate 36 – 60 students and will have flexible seating arrangements with inclusive and accessible technology (some with web conferencing) to create as many unique environments for teaching and learning as we have classes at RIT!

  • One classroom with capacity of 60
  • Four classrooms with capacity of 48
  • Seventeen classrooms with capacity of 36

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Resources for Educators

Active learning at RIT supports and promotes a student’s intellectual growth. By replacing the more passive traditional “sage on the stage” with formative student engagement through peer and instructor team work, students achieve significant learning outcomes often far beyond the scope of the course. Learn more about active learning

Professional Conferences Focused on Active Learning (Archived and Upcoming)

RIT Resources

Upcoming RIT Events

  • Technology Open House Events for SHED-Wallace Faculty
    • Invitations will be sent to Fall 2023 Instructors of Record for August sessions 
    • Events for faculty interested in teaching in the SHED-Wallace Complex in the Spring 2023-5 semester will be sent campus-wide in October

If you are interested in teaching in The SHED or Wallace, email TeachSHED@rit.edu.