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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) promotes excellence in teaching and the creation of exceptional learning experiences by championing an effective and innovative teaching culture across the university.

CTL also provides faculty with trainings and events, 1:1 consultations, just in time support along with the resources necessary to build and share content for a variety of technologies for all course modalities.

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Contact us for immediate help with your teaching or use of technology.

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Teaching Consultations

Support instructors in making pedagogical choices based on evidence from literature and reflection on their own teaching practices.

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Instructional Technology

Helps to identify technologies that enhance student learning and includes training and support.

Teaching technologies we support

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Classroom Technology

Supports audiovisual technology initiatives across RIT and provides consistent teaching experience for instructors across classrooms.

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Academic Media Services

Provides instructors with captioning and media production services to enhance their classroom and online teaching. 

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