Online Teaching

It’s been shown that synchronous and asynchronous online learning can be as effective as the classroom. But, as in the classroom, it’s important to be aware of students’ total learning experience and design a course that is engaging, effective, and enables students to demonstrate that they’ve achieved the course learning outcomes.


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A Guided Tour of the Demo Online Courses

Suggestions for how you might make use of the demo courses that CTL makes available to RIT instructors.

Building Academic Integrity into Your Course

Strategies for improving the academic integrity culture in your course and leveraging myCourses Quiz tool settings to promote academic integrity.

Guided Online Learning Development (GOLD) Program

Information about the GOLD program and how to apply for current offerings.

Student Identity Verification in Online Courses

Information on the Student Identity Verification in Distance Learning policy and the Student Identity Verification Checklist (SVIC) item for your course.

Time on Task in Online Courses

How learning time “works” in online teaching and determining time on task for activities in online courses.