Technology Overview

Slack facilitates quick, informal communication through group and one-to-one messaging, file sharing, emojis, and other multimedia content. Third-party integrations such as Zoom and Google Drive can turn Slack into a collaboration hub. It can be used synchronously or asynchronously.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Channel for During Class: Students across modalities can post questions, upvote each others' questions with emojis, or answer each other's questions. After class, students can share notes they take about the materials.
  • Facilitate Group Work: Create one private channel for each group. Group members can share files, type to each other, and start Zoom meetings in their group channel.
  • Build a Class FAQ: Students can ask course-related questions in Slack at any time instead of sending an email to you. Encourage students to respond to each others' questions. Slack is fully searchable.
  • Improve Community Building: Have non-course-related conversations in separate channels. Share related optional materials with the class.

Accessing the Technology

Browser-based tool. Access RIT’s Slack account page and log in with your RIT account.

There is also an option to install the Slack app on desktop and mobile devices.

Learn More & Get Help

Slack documentation
Attend a group training
Request a consultation

For issues with Slack login and accounts, contact the ITS Service Desk
For questions about using Slack in a classroom context, contact Technology Systems Support
For questions from students and staff, contact the ITS Service Desk