Microsoft 365

Technology Overview

Microsoft 365 includes a suite of file creation and digital collaboration tools, and other productivity apps. Sharing settings allow for multiple people to edit and/or view files. These tools can be used individually or collaboratively, and synchronously or asynchronously.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Forms for creating individual or group project files. Use Whiteboards for concept mapping, brainstorming, solving graphical problems, or other visuals.
  • Co-create files with real-time collaborative writing and editing. Changes are tracked by each author in revision history.
  • Use Editor checking in Word to review advice to improve your writing. Includes wording similarity check and grammar check.
  • Facilitate peer review using commenting features.
  • Create template files for students to fill in or copy and edit.
  • Use Microsoft OneDrive to organize your files. Set up a collaborative workspace where specified users can see and edit all files you give them access to.

Accessing the Technology

Browser-based tool. Access the Microsoft 365 portal and log in with your RIT account.

There is also an integration for myCourses to share Microsoft files in Content, Assignment submissions, and other places throughout myCourses.

Learn More & Get Help

To start learning about Microsoft 365, review the following curated resources



Instructors and students can find additional training and support resources in the CTL knowledge base.

  1. Access the CTL Knowledge Base and log in with your RIT account.
  2. Use the search box at the top of the page to find resources by keywords.
  3. Use the Categories in the left side navigation to find resources by topic area.

Instructors may also request a consultation to discuss strategies for use of Microsoft in their course.

For issues with Microsoft login and accounts, contact the RIT Service Center.

For questions about using Microsoft 365 in a classroom context, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

For all other questions, contact the RIT Service Center.