Technology Overview

Camtasia is an application that records your computer screen, webcam video, and audio. It also provides a robust set of editing tools so that the finished videos can include transition effects, text callouts, and other engaging media components. Instructors can use Camtasia to create videos on their desktop or laptop for use in courses. No additional hardware is required beyond a laptop's built-in microphone and webcam, however, you can also record using a USB microphone, webcam, and/or drawing tablet.

Use Case and Benefits

Camtasia enables subject matter experts to record and edit video without a video production person.

Common uses of Camtasia are:

  • Screen recording tutorials/demonstrations
  • Short lecture videos with instructor on camera
  • Voiced-over slideshow recordings

Accessing the Technology

Software installation for Windows and Mac computers. Restricted to full-time faculty, part-time faculty, full-time staff, and part-time staff (including student employees) for use in creating videos for RIT business or academic purposes.

For details, review Accessing and Installing Camtasia.

Learn More & Get Help

To start learning about Camtasia, review the following curated resources:

Instructors can find additional training and support resources in the CTL knowledge base.

  1. Access the CTL Knowledge Base and log in with your RIT account.
  2. Use the search box at the top of the page to find resources by keywords.
  3. Use the Categories in the left side navigation to find resources by topic area.

Instructors may also request a consultation for additional training.

For technical issues and other support, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.