Technology Overview

Student Response Systems, or “clickers,” as they are referred to at RIT,  are wireless keypads that can be used to gauge the level of understanding from a large audience within seconds. Students may also use their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops as a clicker. The instructor creates question slides within a normal PowerPoint presentation, on a web page, with myCourses, or just asks the question out loud to the class. The students can use their keypad to "click in" with their answer or opinion. Once everyone has responded, the results of the class will appear on screen in a bar graph. Students can view quizzes later as flashcards and study aids.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Actively engage students during the entire class period, through survey, pretest, practice, or review questions. This encourages students to come to class prepared.
    • Gauge the level of understanding of the material being presented. Then clarify misconceptions before proceeding to the next topic.
    • Collect opinions of a topic as a means to facilitate full class discussion.
    • Have students reply to an applied problem based on the material being covered. Provide live feedback on correct and incorrect answers, and why.
    • Have students reflect on their learning for the class period and identify what they are still struggling with.
  • Track responses of an individual student for grading, attendance, and immediate assessment.
  • Collect data for research or formative/summative evaluations.

Accessing the Technology

For instructors, primarily a browser-based tool with lightweight app for facilitating activities.

For students, primarily a browser-based tool with options to participate using a physical remote or mobile app (depending on instructor preference).

Learn More & Get Help

To start learning about iClicker, review the following curated resources:



Additional resources are available from the vendor’s support website.

Limited RIT-specific resources are available in the CTL knowledge base.

  1. Access the CTL Knowledge Base and log in with your RIT account.
  2. Use the search box at the top of the page to find resources by keywords.
  3. Use the Categories in the left side navigation to find resources by topic area.

For issues using iClicker in myCourses, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

To discuss strategies for using iClicker in your course, request a consultation.