Technology Overview

Zoom is RIT’s web conferencing solution. You can synchronously connect with anyone else across the globe using your device's camera and microphone. Instructors can increase interaction and participation using features such as polls, breakout rooms, whiteboard, screen share, and chat. Zoom sessions can be recorded and played back via the browser. Recordings are automatically captioned and captions can be edited.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Distance Learning: Screen share course materials such as files, web content, or a digital whiteboard. Shared content can be annotated by the instructor, and optionally, the students. Instructors can facilitate students asking questions via the chat or the hand raise feature. Polls can be used to gauge understanding or collect input. Breakout rooms can be used for group work. Sessions can be recorded for later review or for students who cannot attend the session.
  • Providing New Experiences in the Classroom: Guests can be brought in virtually, removing the cost and time of travel. Since Zoom can be accessed from mobile devices, guests can tour students around their physical location for virtual field trips.
  • Additional Collaborative Opportunities: Group work can be extended across sections and classes using Zoom. Instructors can provide alternate office hours at times when they or the students might not typically be on campus.

Accessing the Technology

Browser-based tool. All RIT accounts can create meetings, adjust settings, and review their recordings through RIT’s Zoom access page. Log in with your RIT account.

Students and instructors can additionally access course-related Zoom meetings and recordings from within myCourses by clicking the Zoom link in the course navigation bar. 

There is also an option to install the Zoom app on desktop and mobile devices.

Learn More & Get Help

Zoom documentation
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For issues with Zoom login and accounts, contact the ITS Service Desk
For questions about using Zoom in a classroom context, contact Technology Systems Support
For questions from students and staff, contact the ITS Service Desk