Zoom Room

Connect in-room cameras and microphones to Zoom meetings without the use of an additional device.

Technology Overview

Zoom Rooms include a touch control panel, camera(s), microphone(s), and speakers built into the classroom. This setup allows instructors to connect to Zoom meetings without the use of an additional device (e.g. a computer or tablet). Additionally, the in-room camera(s) and microphone(s) provide a better capture of the activity in the classroom for remote participants. Remote participants can be displayed on in-room screens along with screen share.

Note that a Zoom Room is different from a standard Zoom meeting in that a Zoom Room is a dedicated full room setup whereas a Zoom meeting can be conducted either using a Zoom Room or from anywhere using your own device.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Improved communication between in-room and remote participants using dedicated cameras, microphones, and speakers throughout the room.
  • Interact with a digital whiteboard without needing to connect a device or start a meeting.
  • Connect a device to the teaching station for additional screen share options.

Accessing the Technology

Zoom Room setups are installed into select classrooms and auditoriums. The Zoom Room settings, microphone, and camera can be controlled from the teaching station touch panel. Instructors join or start meetings from the teaching station touch panel.

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