About Us

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) promotes excellence in teaching and the creation of exceptional learning experiences by championing an effective and innovative teaching culture across the university.

Presentation being given in a technology studio

To meet this vision and advance RIT’s Strategic Plan: Greatness Through Difference 2015-2025, the center assists faculty by: 


Promoting learner-centered, evidence-based pedagogies to improve and enhance the quality of courses through varying delivery modes

Providing exceptional support for effective teaching

Managing the lifecycle of physical and virtual learning environments with academic technologies that enrich the student learning experience

Informing policy and curriculum while strengthening relationships with colleagues across disciplines and colleges

Through a variety of services, the Center for Teaching and Learning also provides faculty with the resources necessary to build and share course content, training and support for a variety of academic technologies, and support for classroom technology across the Henrietta campus.


Neil Hair
Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Ian Webber
Director, Academic Technology and Operations
Sandi Connelly
Principal Lecturer

Interim Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Consultants

Michael Starenko
Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant
Katie Bush
Instructional Technologist II
Monica Cormier
Instructional Technologist
Graham Anthony
Manager Instructional Technology - Media Services

Faculty Fellows

Rajendran Murthy
Associate Professor
Department of MIS, Marketing, and Analytics
Saunders College of Business
Garret Arcoraci
Senior Lecturer
School of Information
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Amanda Bao
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering Technology, Environmental Management and Safety
College of Engineering Technology
Keri Barone
Principal Lecturer
School of Communication
College of Liberal Arts
Michelle Chabot
Senior Lecturer
School of Physics and Astronomy
College of Science
Alex Lobos
School of Design
College of Art and Design
Torrence Sparkman
Associate Professor
Department of Management
Saunders College of Business
Phil Shaw
Senior Lecturer
University Writing Program
Academic Affairs